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Oklahoma's #1 (and Only) True On-Premise House Party!

Party Rules:

No means No!
Guys and girls, if a naked body walks past you, you MUST ask before grabbing!!!!

We recommend this site:

Additional information about our parties is provided at www.C4P.com.  Thank you.

Welcome to the LuckyGnC Oasis!

The LuckyGnC Oasis is the premier on-premise house party for all of Oklahoma and the surrounding states.

Our five acre oasis features a four thousand square-foot party house with multiple themed party areas.

During the warm months, the crowd surrounds the beautiful heated pool and hot tub. Swimsuits are fine, but we have enough privacy for you to enjoy the pool and party house naked if you prefer.

Our playroom near the pool has two king beds, a sex swing, and a dance pole.

Each area allows you to enjoy your fantasies in a sensual atmosphere with varying degrees of privacy based on your individual comfort level.

Please take a quick tour of our facility. Our pictures only represent a small sample of our five acres of fun!

We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest level of service, cleanliness and safety. Whether you are an experienced swinger or brand new to the scene, the LuckyGnC Oasis is the place to be when it's party time! 


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